Will and Succession


A part of Will is not acceptable!(遺言書の内容を分かるように説明して欲しい)

A will and succession are the one of concern of a couple had an international marriage when their 60th birthday is approaching.


Especially, when a foreign spouse is a dependent and the partner is died before, they say she/he is so worried about the future life.


Therefore, the testament considers to make his will and cut up for the family and while he is cheerful.


However, as far as the testament starts to explain the draft of the will for the foreign spouse, the spouse has a row with the testament because of misunderstanding.


There is nothing against the foreign spouse in the will, but it cannot help what the will is not acceptable.


On the other hand, the will should not be fundamentally seen and informed the existence to the successors, but the testament shows the draft of the will to the spouse because the testament wants the spouse to understand how the testament appreciates the spouse's help even if the spouse leads an inexperienced life in Japan.


However, it's not too easy for the testament to make the spouse understood even if the testament try to explain the legal matters very hard because the testament is not familiar with the law.


Therefore, we provides the service which makes the customized specification in English and Japanese and explains it to the spouse instead of the testament if misunderstandings happened between the testament and the foreign spouse.


What is the cause of misunderstanding? (誤解の原因は、何か?)

The legal system of will and succession is different each country and the thought for them is also different.


For example, Japan has a succession tax, but there are also no succession tax countries like Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong


In short, even if there is a large amount of inheritance, the successor is not necessary to consider the tax economy and to be worried about the secondary inheritance tax because of no succession tax, so that it shall be fundamentally varied how to divide the inherited property.


Therefore, the foreigner from such countries with no succession tax cannot understand the methodology of the division of the inheritance property,easily.


And then, if the rule to define legal heirs is also different, the scope of the legal heirs written in the will is naturally varied.


We explain the differences of the legal rules, methodologies and etc. between japan and other countries, hearing from a foreign spouse.


付加的な説明(additional explanation)

We explain the merit of the will and the demerit in the case of no will in Japan with typical examples, referring to the Japan civil codes in Japanese and English.

Finally, the foreign spouse can think the will, positively.



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Inheritance procedure

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