Gyoseishoshi Lawyer:  Seishi Tajiri


・Graduated from Kobe University
・Joined Fujitsu Inc.
・Joined several Foreign Companies: Manage of engineer for Mini-super computer & super servers
・Joined Sun Microsystems: Marketing Manager of all Storage products
・Jan/2005 Established IB-Networks Corporation
・Apr/2010 Opened Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Tajiri Office

Qualifications and affiliation

  • Member of Tokyo Gyoseishoshi Lawyer (Registration No. 10080702)
  • Certified Compliance Officer
  • Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management(Association of Intellectual Property Management)
  • Copyright Consultant (Japan Federation of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Associations)
  • Member of Copyright Business Laboratories
  • Undue claims prevention officer
  • Legal Management Consultant