Inquiry and Consultation

Agency business of consulting,applying & creating application form and accompanying documentations to be submitted to public office is a dedicated business of Gyoseishoshi Lawyer.

And then, as a work with respect to rights and obligations, fact proved like notarial wills and divorce consultation document, etc. is also a professional business of Gyoseishoshi Lawyer, please leave it in peace.

If you have any troubles and problems for application, notification and etc.,please send your email with a following format , fax or call.

Iquiry by Phone or Fax:
Phone#: 090-8945-6569(Hours 9:00-18:00, Weekday)
Fax#: 04-2948-4697


If you have questions about familiar law, such as consultation, please feel free to contact us. However, depending on the contents of the question, it's not always possible to answer, please note.

  • Your inquiry is in principle free, except for the case of heavy loads.